Waymond L. Burton III

WAYMOND L. BURTON III is the founding pastor of Water of Life Christian Church in Greenville, South Carolina. From the genesis of his ministry on the campus of East Carolina University in the late 80's, Waymond has seen the emotional turmoil created by bad relationship decisions. From those early years, a desire was birthed in him to see maturity and growth in men, as well as wisdom and discretion in women when they approach relationships.

Throughout his nearly 25 years of ministry now, he has counseled numerous singles and couples who have experienced the devastation of wrong relationships. Yet, he has also seen men and women through God's grace, wisdom and counsel, connect with those God has ordained for them. Those men and women, who approach relationships God's way, experience the joy of right relationships. He greatly desires to see men and women use God's standard to determine what a "good man" really is.

Waymond is also the author of M.T.S.: Ministry Training School, a powerful training manual for ministers in training. It provides essential knowledge and practical ministry application to prepare ministers in training. M.T.S. will equip anyone just entering the ministry with the knowledge, tools, and wisdom for a successful launch into ministry.

Waymond enjoys spending time with his family. He loves golf, paintball, video games and coaching his son's little league teams. Waymond and his wife Camille have been married for 15 years and they have two children.